Intra Muscular Stimulation (IMS)

PhysioFirst has skilled clinicians with training and expertise in IMS. Intra Muscular Stimulation or IMS is a scientifically based treatment for musculo-skeletal pain caused by shortened muscles. This pain is called neuropathic pain and is difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat as may not present with the traditional signs of tissue damage or inflammation.

IMS, also known as Dry Needling, uses instruments adapted from traditional acupuncture to stimulate shortened muscles which then results in muscle relaxation and relief from chronic pain.

How can IMS help you?

If you experience only temporary relief from medications, massage, traditional physiotherapy, or chiropractic, the problem may be due to muscle shortening.

Muscle shortening produces mechanical pain by excessive pulling on tendons and the joints nearby. The excessive strain will lead to irritated nerves and nerve endings and in turn making them “super-sensitive”.

IMS can help reduce pain from the “super-sensitive” nerve by getting the shortened muscle to relax. The effects of IMS are cumulative and with each treatment symptoms reduce until the condition is healed and the pain disappears.

IMS was developed by Dr. Chan Gunn. Only physicians and physiotherapists who have trained in GunnIMS, are allowed to treat patients with IMS. For more information please visit Dr.Gunn’s Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain website

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