Running injury treatment and analysis at PhysioFirst

Ottawa running injury treatment

Let PhysioFirst’s physiotherapists and massage therapists help you return to your running program, pain free. Whether you are a recreational or competitive runner, we will assess the painful area for local problems, as well as checking for sources of referred pain, biomechanical compensations, and muscle imbalances. Observation of your running mechanics on the treadmill helps direct us to the source of your pain.

Common running injuries

The lower back, pelvis and hip are frequently at the root of symptoms that sideline runners. From joint stiffness to poor muscle recruitment to faulty core and breathing problems, our team of skilled therapists will help resolve issues that affect your training.

Knee pain can arise from patella-femoral impairments, iliotibial band (ITB) tightness, ligament and meniscus injury, and arthritic changes due to “wear and tear.” Manual therapy, soft tissue treatment, supportive taping, and therapeutic exercises will get you back to training as quickly as possible.

Shin splints and Achilles tendon injury are common problems in the running population. Again, PhysioFirst’s therapists will assess and treat the area thoroughly, restoring joint and muscle function, as well as identifying related running faults.

Plantar fasciitis and foot pain can also put the brakes on your training. Mobility and stability of the ankle and hind foot, structural problems, and muscle balance will be assessed and problem areas treated.